How to Reset a Navien Tankless Water Heater

How to Reset a Navien Tankless Water Heater

Is your water heater not doing its job properly or displaying an odd error number and you don’t know what to do? Try forcing an unexpected reboot. That is, reset your water heater in normal speak!

Just about every electronic appliance is going to surprise us with an error code at some point. With a Navien tankless water heater, this error code will be displayed on the LCD screen at the front of the heater. 

Fortunately, there are so many error numbers that Navien uses that will help you narrow down and solve the problem. Most of the time, you will need to reset the water heater as part of the fixing process.

But how do you reset a Navien tankless water heater? Follow these steps for guaranteed success every time.

How To Reset A Navien Tankless Water Heater

Water heater not working and you can see an error code? It is probably worth trying to reset your water heater before you call for an expensive professional service to help.

Fortunately, Navien has made resetting their devices super simple and easy. You do not need any special plumbing knowledge or expertise.

To reset your Navien water heater, you first need to find the reset button. This will be somewhere in the control panel. For most models, it will be in a corner and either above or below the power button. 

Once you have found the reset button, press it. You have now successfully reset your water heater – it is as easy as that!

When To Reset A Navien Tankless Water Heater

Resetting your water heater will solve the vast majority of minor issues that your heater is having.

You can use Navien’s error codes to help troubleshoot your water heater and to see if you have an issue that can be resolved with a reset. That said, resetting is always a good idea so try it before you go through all of the error codes.

As already mentioned, Navien has a huge number of error codes. This means that there is a code for just about every problem so you know what is wrong without needing to do any investigating. 

Here are some of the error codes that Navien uses and what they mean.

E003: ignition failure in the heater. Make sure that the main gas supply valve is not closed.

E004: a false flame has been detected in your heater. Check that the electric cord is correctly grounded.

E012: flame loss. Wash the intake filer with a brush and water and allow it to dry before reinstalling. Make sure that you power off the heater.

E016: the heat exchanger is too hot. Power off for 30 minutes or longer and then restart. 

E030: the exhaust is overheating. Power off for 30 minutes and then restart. Wash the inlet filter with water and a brush and follow Navien’s instructions to flush the heat exchanger.

E046: there is a problem with the limit control. Contact Navien for assistance.

E047: exhaust thermostat is not working properly. Contact Navien for assistance.

E060: the dual venturi is not working correctly. Reset your water heater. Contact Navien for assistance if this does not work.

E109: the fan motor has an issue. Wash the intake filer with water and a soft brush. Leave to dry and then reinstall.

E110: change in air pressure. Remove obstructions to the exhaust pipe.

E127: air pressure sensor issue. Reset your water heater.

E205: heating supply thermistor error. Power off the heater and then check the condition of the pump wiring connectors and the thermistor. If they are fine, reset your heater. If not, contact Navien for assistance.

E218: heating return thermistor has an error. Power off the heater and then check the condition of the pump wiring connectors and the thermistor. If they are fine, reset your heater. If not, contact Navien for assistance.

E302: low water pressure. Replace the water feeder valve.

E352: high water pressure. Check the feeder valve and pressure relief valve.

E353: water pressure sensor issue. Check connections and wiring. Replace if needed.

E438: circulation pump error. Check the direction of the two-way valve.

E760 and 782: E760 means you have to flush your heater. E782 means there is an error with the panel communication. Reset the heater.

E787: error while the heater was reset. Power off for thirty minutes. Turn back on and if the error is still displayed seek advice from a technician.

Navien Tankless Water Heater

These are some of the most frequently reported error codes that Navien heaters display. Many of these issues can be fixed by resetting the unit, but keep in mind that a persistent issue or a more serious error may require professional help.

Common Problems

Navien is famous for creating and manufacturing high-quality water heaters so there are fortunately few expected problems with their products. Any glitches that were common in early models were fairly minor, but have now been eradicated.

That said, sometimes errors are inevitable. Here are some common problems with water heaters that Navien is not completely immune to.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

It is fairly rare in normal water heater use, but not so uncommon that you can immediately rule it out. Sometimes a heat exchanger in your tank begins to crack, creating a gap that could let water but more importantly toxic gasses escape into your home.

You cannot reset your heater to fix this issue. Carbon monoxide is highly dangerous and so you must seek immediate professional advice. Keep in mind that you can only replace the heat exchanger as they cannot be fixed but you may find that you are covered by a warranty.

Control Board Failure

A control board acts as the heater’s brain and communicates information to different parts of the heater to make it work. When it stops working properly, you will experience some fairly major issues with your heater. This issue is more common in older machines but younger machines can fall victim to faulty electronics too.

You may find that your heater switches itself on and off constantly. You may also find that it goes off and won’t come back on. If this happens, you will see an 003 error code on the display – this means that there is an ignition failure occurring. 

The best way to fix control board issues is to switch off your heater for a few hours and then reset it.

Final Thoughts

Resetting a Navien tankless water heater is easy. You simply press the reset button on the control panel. 

The button is usually in a corner and tends to be next to the power off button. Keep in mind that there will be some variation depending on the model of your heater, but they are all fairly similar.

Resetting your unit will help solve most of the minor issues that you have. Fortunately, Navien uses a huge number of error codes that are displayed on the screen in the control panel. This means that you can be fairly certain of what the issue is before you do any intense investigation.

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