Why Does My Tankless Hot Water Heater Go Cold?

Tankless Hot Water Heater

If you’ve ever had a problem with your home’s heating system, then you might be wondering why your hot water heater goes cold.

The average household uses around 4,500 kWh of electricity per year. That’s enough to power a typical family of four for over two months. However, if you live in a colder climate or have a large family, you may be using much more than that.

You may be surprised to learn that there are several ways to save energy without having to spend extra cash. One way is to install a tankless hot water heater. This type of appliance heats water directly from the faucet instead of storing it in a tank.

If you’re looking for an easy way to cut down on your monthly utility bill, installing a tankless water heater could help. However, before you decide whether to purchase a tankless hot water heater you might have some questions. 

How exactly does a tankless hot water heater do? What kind of installation process is there to install a tankless hot water heater? Why does my tankless hot water heater go cold? 

These are all complex and interesting questions and one that you need to know the answers to. So make sure to continue reading this article to ensure you know all the relevant facts about owning a tankless hot water heater. 

How Does A Tankless Hot Water Heater Work? 

When you think about how much money you spend each month on utilities like gas and electricity, it can seem hard to imagine saving any money at all. 

But when you look closer, you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to reduce your energy costs without spending a lot of money. You just need to find out where to start.

One way to do this is by owning a tankless hot water heater. However, you might be wondering – how exactly does a tankless hot water heater work? 

Tankless water heaters work by passing water through a series of coils located inside a metal box. The water is heated as it passes through the coils and then continues into the faucets. From there it goes up the piping systems and straight into your taps and other appliances. 

So, now you know how a tankless hot water heater works, let’s explain why a tankless hot water heater goes cold. 

Why Does A Tankless Hot Water Heater Go Cold? 

Now that you understand what a hot water heater is, let’s make clear how exactly a hot water heater can go wrong if not properly installed. 

The last thing you want to happen to your tankless hot water heater is for it to go cold. Therefore, you need to know why it goes cold. 

There are several options. The first is that it can be a result of a cold-water sandwich. This means that the water will run hot for a few seconds then run cold for several more seconds and then warm again. This can be caused by the piping not being properly fitted. 

Another situation which can cause a tankless hot water heater to go cold is if the size of the gas line that is needed to warm your water is the wrong size and so the water isn’t properly heated. Again, this is an issue that generally arises due to a failure to properly install the heating system. 

One other alternative which may have caused the issue can be down to a cross-over with plumbing from other systems which can cause the water from being wrongly diverted.

A broken flow sensor which means that the system doesn’t recognize when water is going into the system to be heated and a dirty water filter which means that you will get sudden bursts of hot and cold water when attempting to use your water. 

However, it is fair to say that these instances are generally rare. Most tankless hot water heaters are well installed by experts. However, all of these issues and indeed most issues related to why a tankless water heater goes cold are as a result of the system being incorrectly installed. 

This is why you must ensure that your installation process is as smooth as possible because if your tankless water heater system isn’t properly installed you could have serious problems ensuring that it works in the first place. 

Therefore, you must always make sure that whoever you purchase your new system from comes from a reputable source and that they have positive reviews for their work. 

The last thing you want to do is to pay someone to do the job properly and they do half of the job, even if you think you might be saving money – in the long run not paying for proper plumbers will only end up costing you. 

Final Thoughts

Although there could be issues with it –  issues that can easily be remedied by being alert to possible scams – a tankless water heater system truly is the way to go. 

The reason for this is simple. Rather than relying on a water heater system that is far from efficient and one which ultimately harms the planet, why not opt for a system that not only will save you money but is also better for this world that we share? 

A tankless water heater will ensure that you have the best possible water system going and one which you will be able to rely on no matter what. 

Moving forward to the future can at times seem daunting and scary – however, by deciding to use a tankless hot water heater system you will be making a decisive move to the future which will certainly ensure that you will be able to have a hot bath or shower, safe in the knowledge that by doing so you aren’t harming the planet and that you are in fact saving money. 

So make sure to go and get a tankless hot water heater system today – you won’t regret it. 

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